Sometimes, your best partner on the road is not just your GPS, but the trust, instinct, and communication with a friend or family member. Cycling is one such instance when a group may want to always keep track of each other while on the go. Unlike hiking and other group activities, you certainly don’t have the luxury of grabbing your phone and simply calling and confirming each other’s location.

When you and your best group of buddies are cycling, you all need to keep your eyes on the road and your hands firmly gripped to your bike. You certainly have no luxury to swipe to unlock, maybe put in an unlock code, and then dial the contact of your choice. Sure, you can try to use a regular Bluetooth headset, but that isn’t really useful for a group communication since you know you can only quick dial the last number you called.

What if I told you that there is a product out there that can let you quickly and easily connect with up to 5 people while on the go? Cardo Systems’ Cardo BK-1 is your ultimate cycling partner for navigation and intuitive and easy communication. In case you get bored, it also doubles as an entertainment system by linking it up to your mp3 player.

Minimal Distraction

Designed to fit in with any cycling getup, the Cardo BK-1 takes into consideration all that you need on the road with minimal hand interaction. Interaction with the device is a combination of voice controls and minimal button controls. This is important since you don’t want to really be fiddling with complicated gadgetry while on the road. With high noise cancelling microphones, you can be sure that even the fast wind won’t get in the way of your voice commands.JARVIS, anyone?

Maximum Communication

As a communication tool, it enables you engage in a 3-way conference with other Cardo BK-1 users with ease, as well as communicate one by one for up to 5 registered Cardo BK-1 users. The cool part is if you meet anyone on the road with a set, you can easily link up with just one click, which is perfect if you find that cute guy or girl that you just wanted to get to know who also loves your sport. Finally, it can also be paired to a Bluetooth enabled phone to act as a regular Bluetooth headphone so you can call anyone, including your newfound friend, even from far, far away.

On Course, Hands Free

Apart from general communications, the Cardo BK-1 also connects to a Bluetooth enabled GPS. As a GPS partner, it relays turn by turn navigation from your GPS device directly to your ear to minimize loss due to environmental noise. Think of being Iron Man on a bike and then having a mini JARVIS giving direction in your ear. Pretty cool, huh?

Rock the Road

Iron Man can ask JARVIS to play him some tunes, so why can’t you? You can connect an MP3 player to the Cardo BK-1 using either a Bluetooth connection or a wired connection. This makes sure that you can at least enjoy some music when you have no one to talk to at the moment. Who doesn’t like music while you have a good sweat?

Still just a Luxury

In my honest opinion, the Cardo BK-1 is a good buy, even if you are not a cycling enthusiast. There are plenty of applications for a head mounted radio communication device. The value certainly rises above just cycling.

It’s a bit on the expensive side, so make sure you have the cash to spare. You can always just stop over when you need to talk, you know. Cyclists have survived long enough without this luxury, but if you can grab one of these, the adventure just becomes much smoother. Of course, when you do decide to buy, make sure someone else you know is also buying. This thing only works with other Cardo BK-1 units, so you miss out on 1/3 the functionality if only you have this nifty gadget.

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