Try as they might, mobile phones can never really replace the feature set of a real GPS device. While mobile phones may be equipped with GPS capabilities, these functions are limited and are usually just built to help you down a civilized road. Unfortunately, when you are in the middle of a wide open field or a remote forest, your mobile phone is likely to die out in a few hours of navigating.

Of course, no one can deny the staying power of a phone in modern times, which is why this new product from DeLorme, the Inreach SE (Screen Edition), is the perfect bridge to the gap between all the functions of a real GPS system and all the conveniences of a mobile phone.

Extend the Mobile Reach

Mobile phones are one of the best communication tools in the business. Unlike Ham Radios, nearly everyone has one and you can be sure your non-trekking loved ones will have one on hand. Unfortunately for the adventurous at heart, mobile phone signals tend to disappear when you leave civilization.

For DeLorme Inreach SE, that will never be a problem. This unique GPS companion is also a mobile phone at heart in the sense that it can, using its newly built in screen, send SMS to regular mobile phones as well as to other Inreach users. It uses 2 different signal types: regular cellular networks, and the Iridium satellite network.

Satellite networks are the best to rely on when you are far away from a tower. Imagine being able to send SMS to your loved ones while nearing the top of the rough Mount Everest. All you need is a clear view of the sky, and you can be sure that your loved ones know where you are. What’s more, with the Iridium Satellite network, they can send SMS to you as well thanks to its two way communication support.

In Case of Emergency

If you have ever been on a wild adventure, you would know that not everything goes according to the best of plans. The terrain and nature can be very unpredictable, and accidents are bound to happen. Your greatest worry would probably be how people will find you. With Delorme Inreach SE, you have one less worry in your hands.

Equipped with an SOS function, this handy navigation tool is not only your guide to your destination but also your rescuer’s guide to your location. GEOS, Inreach’s personal gateway to the International Emergency Response Coordination Center, is always ready to receive your location and distribute it to all rescuing channels.

Probably last longer than you

Unlike fragile mobile phones, the DeLorme Inreach SE is designed to survive. The rugged design of the device allows it to survive a fall, a dip, and even a rough roll through the mountains. It feels like it was built to survive the incidents that even you can’t get up from. With a rating of IP67, you can be sure that it will survive a short dip in the river and it won’t be destroyed by the abundance of dust in your travels.

In addition to the rugged design that helps it survive your adventures, it is equipped with enough battery power to survive a few days with you. Rated at about 100 hours of operation with normal use, this travel partner will still be around to play long after your mobile phones have died.

Share with the world

As you already know, this nifty device also makes use of cellular networks. What you may have missed is the fact that it can also connect through the cellular network’s data services. When mobile data services are available, you can also make use of your Inreach SE to send a quick status update or Tweet your latest location and destination. It’s a great way for people to keep track of your adventures and share your experiences.

If you think your smartphone is indispensable in the big city, then you should consider that the Inreach SE is indispensable everywhere else in the world. They did a great job with this product that marries the essentials of navigation and mobile communication.

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