It's Friday, and you're probably looking for a way to kill time at the office before you get outside this weekend and enjoy your time off. If you want to kill a few minutes, below you'll find a round up of some of the most intense hiking trails we've seen lately. Having a GPS unit on trails this scary is a must, make sure you check out out hiking GPS units after you check out these videos.


Angels Landing

The author of this video packs up the kids and their Canon 7d and finds some breathtaking views at the summit.


El Camino del rey


This video is one of the most intense we've seen, there are a few points where you feel as if you're about to go over the edge of a cliff because the trail is so narrow.


Huashan Trail in China


The person hiking the trail in this video does so without a safety harness on, something that is never, EVER, recommended. It's scary to watch and we'll admit we were sitting on the edge of our seats for this one.

If you have any favorite hiking videos be sure to share them in the comments, then make sure you get outside and explore your world!

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