Starting a healthy life always starts with a choice, and that choice starts with the Polar Loop. Designed to be the everyday coach of the man with a plan, the Polar Loop helps you make better choices in your daily routine by constantly guiding and reminding you about your goals and achievements.

All Day, All Night

The Polar loop was designed to be with you at every point of your day and night. It is there to keep track of all your activities as you go about your day. Regardless if it is simply walking to work, taking the stairs, or bringing in the big guns in the gym, the Loop will track and record every activity.

Wet and Dry

Unlike some devices that hope to capture your everyday activities, the Polar Loop is not afraid to get wet. Designed to be worn at all times, this of course includes heavy and light activities involving the water like swimming, water polo, or simply frolicking in the rain. There is no fear of water or sweat thanks to a very durable, waterproof design made of soft rubber textured plastic.

A Little Push Off the Couch

Apart from simply monitoring and keeping track of your daily activities, the Polar Bit will also help get you off your couch. Let’s face it; we often have these lazy days or lazy moments. Sometimes, we just sit or lie down for a long time daydreaming or browsing online that we forget just how much time we have already wasted loafing around.

The Polar loop not only monitors your activities, but your inactivity as well. When it feels like you have been inactive for too long, (save for sleeping) the device will try to prompt and remind you to take a walk or at least get your blood going for an hour or so. This way, your body won’t ever end up stiff and you won’t miss out on keeping your body fit and healthy.

Perfect for the Heart

For people who may have problems with their heart or for those who simply do not wish to over exert their heart, the Polar Loop can connect with a wireless heart rate monitor to help you keep track of your daily heart rate as well as the performance of your heart during your most intense activities. Without the heart rate monitor, this little wrist worn device can record and display your daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, and time of day (no need for watches!).

Easy Connectivity

Powered by Bluetooth technology, the Polar Loop is able to connect to your smartphone thanks to the Polar Flow mobile app. This app expands your view of the data that the Polar Loop collects and records. While the LED display is certainly awesome and very visible, it may lack the space to properly give you a full view of what your activity was like as well as the records of your previous days. With the Polar Flow app, you can take advantage of the wide screen display and intuitive interface design to help you manage your Loop as well as keep track of your data.

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