Playing gold is more than just the power of your swing and your taste for the green. Just like any sport, you have to be a master of the lay of the land. What’s unique to golf is part of the battle is the ever changing landscape and obstacles that makes it hard to really master a course. What if you had small and perfectly legal ally with you when you take your clubs to the greens?

The Garmin Approach S2 is the evolution of their Approach S1 series. It maintains the same amazing features and design that you liked about the first one and improved it without making the watch overly bulky. In fact, it is so sleek, that it is sure to match any golfing attire you have in your cabinet.

Mastery of 30,000 Worlds

The Garmin Approach S2 stored a massive amount of data in that tiny watch-like device. As you know, every course in golf is like a whole new world. As such, the Approach S2 has a mastery of over 30,000 worlds, or courses, if you will. The best part is that it is always getting updated as the lay of the land changes, making sure you are at the top of your game every single time. The updates are free for life and it is possible they will add more coursed over time, thereby expanding your grasp of the world of golf.

Silently Keeping Score

In a way, your Approach S2 is like sleek and portable assistant. It can keep track of all the data you need to calculate the right direction, the right angle, and the right power in every stroke. It can calculate the yards you have left in every course, as well as the distance between the front, back, and middle of the green. In addition to the previous release, the Approach S2 can now provide you with layup and dogleg distances.

When playing solo, you can set the Approach S2 to keep track of your score, which means you won’t have to keep filling out a piece of paper that can easily be carried by the wind, nor do you have to worry about calculating it all later. It’s a great companion in practices as well as in competitive play. You can save your scores to your computer using a USB interface, which is perfect if you want to monitor the progress of your game.

Going the Distance

As a wrist worn device, you would expect that it doubles as a watch. Well, it does, and it can last at least 3 weeks in watch mode, so you can at least keep track of your time until your next game. In GPS mode, the device is expected to last at least 8 hours from a full charge. That is enough time to complete your play, even if it gets dragged on by other players.

For some players that love taking a hike along with their strokes, the watch is also equipped with an odometer to measure the distance you have walked. Of course, the bragging rights are of the shortest distance since that means you didn’t take too many detours with your shots.

Covers the Basics

Overall, the Garmin Approach S2 covers all of your basic needs as a beginner and an expert golfer. It provides you with a quick detail of what you need while not trying to wow you with diagrams, images, and graphs. You still have full control of your game. The Approach S2 is just there to keep you in line with what is due north and how far north you have to take it to. With the addition of dogleg and layup distances, you are sure to be able to tackle the different challenges a new course has to offer.

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