When you’re on the road, things can happen way too fast. In an instant you could be cruising along the highway and in another, you are stuck in a motor-vehicle accident. The problems with accidents is that it is always a battle of “your word against mine, or at least the words of people I pay to side with me”. It is really hard to find a witness that can vouch for you, much less step up to defend you. What if I told you that you can provide your very own witness – one that is irrefutable, clear, and undeniable?

There is no evidence more powerful than a video footage. When you are caught on tape, there is barely any testimony possible to say to sway the Judge as a video is pretty much getting caught in the act. For whatever purpose you may need it, Garmin’s latest Dash Cam will serve you well. This amazing dash mounted, heavy duty camera can capture videos up to a full HD 1080p for maximum clarity.

There are two versions of this product. There is a Dash Cam 10 and a Dash Cam 20. The only difference between the two is that the Dash Cam 20 features a GPS function to add even more credibility to your videos by tagging your location, direction, and even your speed at that point in the video as measured by the GPS.

The Dash Cam is able to take videos and photos of what is right in front of you to serve as another eye on the road and as a recording of what you’ve seen. It is powered by the car’s 12 volt power system and it is easily mounted and removed to either review the video on its 2.3 inch display or to turn it into a snap camera for a few quick shots of the wreckage.

While the most practical and primary purpose of the Dash Cam is to serve as a black box to help people understand what happened to the vehicle in an accident, the Dash Cam is also perfect at capturing a road trip with you and your friends. It can even save audio with a built in microphone so that you can hear just how wild it was in your car during the trip.

Automatic Detection

The Garmin Dash Cam usually just records a loop video of what is going on in front of you. It will keep recording until it fills the memory card you have installed, which is 4 GB by default. You can replace that with up to 32 GB so you can store a much longer video on record. Of course, we want to make sure that if ever an incident does occur, the relevant video will be safely tucked and won’t be overwritten by a new video feed.

The Garmin Dash does this automatically thanks to the built in sensors in the device that records and detects G-forces during an accident. When it detects enough G-Forces to conclude that an accident did happen, the Garmin Dash immediately saves and stores the related video to serve as evidence and witness to what transpired during that event.

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