When you go cycling, it is a whole new world. It has more speed than walking but it has to follow more rules of the road. It’s not quite the same as driving a motor vehicle, since you have routes that are not open to cars, and there are routes not meant for cyclists to pass through. You can’t just use a GPS for your car or a GPS for your hiking trips. You need a GPS dedicated to your biking direction and safety: the Garmin Edge Touring and the Garmin Edge Touring Plus.

The Concept of Two Worlds

In many cases, you can consider a biking GPS as a device between a Car GPS and a Hiking GPS. It is made mostly for hands free navigation and easy glances as you have less time to fiddle with a GPS than in your car. It is small and light so it won’t wear you down on the road as these trips are entirely powered by your body. It is also important to be light so as not to hinder your turning as they are usually mounted on either side of the handle bars.

Garmin Edge Touring and Touring Plus manage to enter that sweet spot where it is light and yet you have a big enough screen easily navigate hands free. It offers both on-road and off-road navigation as cycling involves treading both worlds. This means you can seamlessly follow the road and still find yourself on track even if you duck for a detour in the park.

The color display is bright enough to be seen outdoors without shade, and yet colorful enough to easily distinguish landmarks, roads, and your route. The touch display allows you to control the device easily while leaving a lot of room for the display of information and less on space consuming buttons. Since most of the time, you would be wearing your trusty gloves or your hands could be sweaty from the ride, the display is designed to work with gloves or wet hands.

Cycling Modes for the right Activity

The device is designed to make routes specifically for cycling. This means that it will be more mindful of elevation, gradient, road quality, and traffic. The device is preloaded with cycling specific maps so it has all the information you need as a navigating cyclist.

Of course, sometimes, your goal is not just to get from point A to B. Often times, your goal simply to travel a distance, either for training or for the regular exercise to keep you in shape. In case you just need a good route for training or exercise, all you have to input is the distance you want to travel. The device would then calculate a round trip route with the proper distance and difficulty.

You can easily set which mode of cycling you are taking, be it a sporty and fast Cycling ride, a more relaxing Tour Cycling expedition, or a rough Mountain Biking experience. The Garmin Edge Touring and Touring Plus are just as flexible as your riding options.

Meters and Numbers for the Road

Cycling is more than just about the destination and the route. Sometimes, all you want is to figure out your stats as you ride freely where the wind takes you. In cases like this, you can have the Garmin Edge Touring and Touring Plus display metrics about your ride, such as speed, average speed, max speed, time, distance, elevation, etc. You can design your own metrics page with up to 10 metrics displayed at the same time.

What makes the Touring Plus a more complete and compelling device is its ability to connect using ANT+ to health monitors so you can have a good read of your heart rate and other health data while on the road. It also has a barometric altimeter for a more accurate read of your road and your route. Regardless of your goal, Garmin’s Edge Touring and Touring Plus are equipped to help you along the way.

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