Evolving from its origins as a hiking tool and a runner's watch, the Garmin Fenix 2 was designed to be what most people look for in gadgets these days: an all-in-one device. Loaded with a lot of features and the capability to carefully and accurately track a wide range of sports, this watch is almost the only wearable device any fitness nut would ever need, until the next one comes along.

Thoughtful Design

Despite the many features and capabilities that the Garmin Fenix 2 has, it managed to retain a very sleek and fashionable design. It doesn't look and feel bulky at all, and it retains a watch-like feel despite all the hidden gadgetry inside. It certainly won't feel awkward during your regular daily routine.

The Fenix 2 retains a lot of the design and features that the original Fenix had. It merges a lot of newer technology that Garmin has developed over the years into a very solid and likable product. The official feature list is enough to make you go “Wow” regardless if you are new or a veteran of wearable sporting gadgets.

Heavy Feature Set

The official release mentions that the Fenix 2 is capable partner for cycling, running, paddling, hiking,

climbing, skiing, and swimming. You can quickly move and switch between different profiles and sports to help you accurately keep track of your metrics. Thanks to the accelerometer as well as the built-in GPS radio, the device is capable of recording your data regardless if you are indoors or outdoors.

The device is so accurate and sensitive to movement that it can even determine the bounce in each step as well as the amount of time your feet touches the ground while running. On top of that, it can measure a ton of data from the random and rather varied movements of skiing and swimming activities. Details like pace, intervals, stroke count, time, distance, and even 3-dimensional speed and distance.

Taking You to New Places and Back

Thanks to the built in GPS radios and navigation system, not only can you find your way though a rough environment with this watch, you can also find your way back with Trackbacks and Waypoint support. Navigation is certainly easy with the help of other sensors like the altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass. You won't have to worry about time either. Thanks to the long-lasting battery in this device, you can keep using the device in GPS mode for roughly 50 hours and even more with the GPS turned off.

Packed to the Brim

If that wasn't enough, this Fitness Watch also doubles as a Smartwatch thanks to its wireless communication features that helps it connect with your PC and your smartphone. Data like the sun/moon info, hunt/fish calendar, alarm clock, vibration alerts, tones, timer, stopwatch, and of course, the current time in your area. In fact, it can even automatically calibrate itself depending on your current timezone.

Ready for Anything

Be it a mountain or water, the Fenix 2 was designed to survive anywhere. Thanks to its durable design and water/dust prooting, this device can certainly go along with the most active individual and come out still looking like a million bucks. You can even adjust it to what you wear thanks to the replacable strap allowing you to use the longer velcro strap to allow you to use and see the watch even when wearing really thick clothing for the winter sports.

Overall, the Garming Fenix 2 is a great device that certainly does its predecessors justice. Sleek and smart, this device certainly brings the Fenix name in tune with the latest generation of technology and hardworking fitness buffs.

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