In the direst situations, your most immediate need is to hold on to someone or something you can rely on. When you’re out on the field and in need of direction and interconnection, nothing beats the reliability of Garmin’s GPSMAP handhelds. Graduating from the 62 Series, the new 64 series is familiar and yet even more reliable than the previous generation.

Faster Accuracy

In the age where companies are trying to tuck in the antenna into their devices to make them more “sleek and modern”, people tend to forget that the most reliable connections are still made with devices with external antennas. Not only do you never have to worry about blocking and touching the antenna during operation, the extended appendage helps gather signal much better than a hidden one.

Now with a double helix antenna design, the Garmin GPSMAP 64 series is the first in its line to introduce a GLONASS/GPS combo for a more accurate location and faster lock-in. Designed to help you navigate the world, the new capabilities allow you to connect and locate yourselves wherever you are with ease.

More Maps, More Storage

Store more and do more with the Garmin GPSMAP 64 Series. They managed to further increase the internal memory stored within the device to 4 GB in the 64 and 64s variant while the 64st variant features 8 GB of internal storage. For a seasoned globe trotter, that may not be enough, so Garmin keeps the ability to expand that storage with a memory card.

In Touch with the Wireless

Another new factor in the series is the addition of ANT+ wireless technology in the 64s and 64st to connect and communicate with a vast array of devices that use ANT+ connection including a host of Garmin products like heart rate monitors, power meters, and even their VIRB action camera. You can also connect with smartphones to receive smart notifications from the device straight to your GPSMAP handheld.

Married with your Mobile

Garmin likes to keep in touch with the times, and with smartphones being the greatest hit of the decade so far, Garmin connects with your mobile to further expand the features of your GPS devices. Coupled with Basecamp Mobile and Garmin Connect Mobile, you can use your smartphone’s mobile data and internet connectivity to be able to get information like new maps, waypoints, geocaches, and even keep your loved ones in touch by allowing them to track you live using your mobile device.

Two Way Power

As a true partner on the go, the Garmin GPSMAP 64 series is able to stay powered up in two different ways – 2 pcs of the traditional AA batteries you can score in almost every retail store out there. The other way is using the included rechargeable NiMH battery pack.

Packed with Bonuses

To get you started as soon as you unpack your new life partner, Garmin includes a host of files and data. For starters, they stored 250,000 geocaches for you to find and a bunch of preloaded maps to get you going. You can now also include up to 5000 waypoints stored in your device, and you can further expand your navigation experience with detailed topographic maps, marine maps, and road maps, plus you can download BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for which Garmin includes a 1 year free service included in your package.

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