Garmin has always been about helping you survive and enjoy the great outdoors. They have a full range of outdoor products that helps you navigate the great outdoors and stay safe while you do. Their products helped people in various activities such as biking, hiking and driving. While doing that, you may have had plenty of great moments out there. Some you wish you could have saved along the way. Garmin has helped you get there, so now Garmin seeks to help you save it in digital memory with their first entry into the Action Camera business: The Garmin VIRB.

What’s that exactly?

Some people don’t really know what an Action Camera is. It is a type of camera designed to record you most extreme moments in the same way you experienced it. In a way, it is a point of view camera. The biggest difference is it was designed to record a tough and rough moment in as smooth as possible.

It is a great way to be able to take the most extreme moments of your outdoor life. We always say that there are things we would only try once. It would be a shame to forget that once in a lifetime moment after going through the trouble of going through it. With an Action Camera, you can capture the moment so you won’t have to pull it off again.

Garmin and Cameras

This isn’t the company’s first foray into cameras. They have integrated shock proof cameras to their handheld devices plenty of times in the past. The biggest difference is this time the camera is the center of it all. The best part is that they didn’t pull any punches.

The Garmin VIRB sports a 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization designed for rough video recording. The camera is able to take videos up to 1080p resolution at 30 fps. Sure enough, it’s a growing standard, but at least they went with the best of it rather than test the water with a subpar product. The camera is also able to capture high quality stills even while taking a video. It is able to take amazing shots at wide, medium, and narrow angles.

Heavy Duty Shooting

Garmin is no stranger to rugged devices. They have been making delicate GPS devices survive the wild long before they started making a camera, which is arguably less fickle and breakable than a GPS. Garmin put the best they know in durability into the VIRB, giving it a very solid IP7X rating. This means that it can survive in 1 meter of water for about 30 minutes, just like a lot of their durable handheld GPS devices.

Expertise in Outdoor Intuitive Design

You can really see in the design of the Garmin VIRB that they know how to make outdoor devices. One unique feature of the VIRB is the low power, high resolution, 1.4 inch Chroma display. Unlike most Action Cameras, Garmin took into account requiring a display that can be viewed easily outdoors. It is a great way to be able to preview your shots and make adjustments as you go. This way, you won’t waste a perfect moment with a nasty shot. Unfortunately, the battery doesn’t last very long thanks to this, providing about 3 hours of battery life if you take 1080p videos.

A Fluid Garmin Ecosystem

If you are a loyal outdoor trooper, you most likely have had a few Garmin devices over the years. You are likely keeping one right now. The Garmin VIRB is able to communicate with Garmin’s mobile apps and be remotely controlled by Garmin’s GPS devices, allowing you a seamless integration between your outdoor gadgets.

A Great Start

Garmin offers a great package. It’s new, its hip, well designed, and durable. Still, just like any new product, it’s going to be a risk. You may want to test extensively before going for it. The spec sheet is pretty sweet, so if you are in the market for an Action Camera, or just hearing about it now, you might want to check it out when it launches.

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