Global Positioning System, known commonly as GPS, was developed by the United States Department of Defense. Initially the signals were scrambled as they were intended solely for military use, however, on May 1st of 2000, President Clinton made the announcement that the scrambling of this service, formally known as Selective Availability, would be shut down and civilians could now use this technology if equipped with GPS Units. Two days later a man by the name of Dave Ulmer proposed a way in which to celebrate the end of Selective Availability, by hiding a bucket of small objects in the woods near Portland, Oregon and letting an online newsgroup know how to navigate there using GPS coordinates. By proposing that whoever finds the trinkets also leave other, new trinkets at the same location, as well as filling out an entry in a journal that was left near the bucket, the foundations of what would eventually evolve into geocaching was born.

Within a month the objects were found and replaced with new objects. A mailing list was formed for people interested in this new hobby, and the term “geocaching” was coined. There were some controversies in the beginning in regards to who would be in charge of overseeing the game was played fairly and more importantly who would be making money off of the hobby. As these incidents occurred behind the scenes, more and more people found themselves involved in the hunt for items via GPS coordinates.

Today the game is open to anyone and everyone that has access to a GPS unit and can navigate themselves to specific areas mentioned on websites. The hobby has exploded over the last decade and is a very popular sport amongst families that love the outdoors. If you would like to get involved in geocaching but need a GPS unit to do so, check out GPS Nation’s vast array of GPS units today and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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