1. GPS watches have a tendency to be element resistant meaning they can be beat up, sweat on, dunked in water and generally put through the ringer. You freak at the thought of your phone being in the same pocket as your loose change because you don’t want it to get accidentally scratched, are you sure you want it out on the trail with you?
  2. Wild black bears are notoriously addicted to playing Angry Birds, don’t risk your life over this and just leave the phone in the car.
  3. The GPS reception in a watch made by Garmin is typically superior to that of an average smart phone.
  4. And finally...It’s easier to carry a watch on your wrist than it is to carry your phone in your hand. While there are some great arm bands out there for smart phones, they all have drawbacks such as how they smell after several workouts in which they absorb the sweat you’ve produced during that time.

So there you have it, 4 very practical and not so scientific reasons to use a GPS watch instead of your phone the next time you go for a run.

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