Trail GPS units are an essential tool to have if you plan on spending an extended amount of time in the great outdoors. From handheld GPS units, to two-way radios, GPS Nation has you covered no matter what type of trail GPS unit you’re looking for.

The most common type of GPS unit you will see when hiking is more than likely a hand held GPS unit. Whether you’re looking for a geocaching GPS unit, or just looking to go backpacking and explore new territory, these units will help you get off the grid briefly without losing your way.

We also carry a line of dog tracking GPS units that attach easily to your canine companions collar. Made from materials that enable the units to be rugged, durable, and water proof, these collars can be worn in just about any situation or environment. They also have many different options included with them such as audible tones with LED beacons in order to help you find your dog in areas of thicker cover and hand held locators which offer you the ability to see exactly where your dog is.

We also have an array of two-way radio GPS units. These trail GPS units not only let you see a map of where you currently are, but they also give you the added security benefit of staying in touce with your whole group. These two-way radios are much more reliable than a cell phone can be, especially in areas which have very limited cell phone reception.

Remember, GPS nation’s entire line of trail GPS units come with a lifetime warranty, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore today!

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