Navigating is usually all about getting you to your destination with clear directions. It helps you find what’s right ahead and what’s far beyond. Still, the world isn’t always about moving forward. Sometimes, you have to take a step back.

We’ve seen it before. One of the biggest hurdles of a driver is backing up. Rearview mirrors are often not enough, and we often rely on our companions to help guide our aim as we struggle to back up to a parking lot or to correct your direction. You would often wish you had a clear view of your back, like a third eye pointing right behind you. Well, we don’t know about growing a 3rd eye, but how about a rear camera?

A Wide View

Garmin’s latest Nuvi 2198LMT navigation system involves the latest technology from Garmin’s ever growing repository of navigation tech. It is a powerful tool that employs a 7 inch display for a vivid look at what is ahead and what is in your immediate area while navigating.

That 7 inch display also links up to a clear wide-view backup camera that you can mount to the rear of your vehicle. The camera shows you a direct live feed of all the action behind your vehicle, which is perfect for parking or a high speed car chase. (We’re kidding, of course). It offers a wider view than your rearview camera, and it doesn’t strain your neck and body from directly looking at the back of your vehicle.

Follow My Voice

The latest edge in hands free is no longer about talking to someone at the end of the line without actually holding your phone. Now, we are being groomed to talk wirelessly to our devices. The Nuvi 2198LMT is capable of understanding basic voice commands that allows you to easily access the device’s features without taking our eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel.

Always Updated

Mapping and Navigation is Garmin’s bread and butter. As such, they have to be always updated on all the changes that happen in the world’s geography. Buildings may come and go, and new roads are always being built or renovated. Business landmarks will change from time to time, and you may find that a familiar place would no longer seem so familiar in just a year or two. Garmin keeps up with all these changes to offer the best mapping and navigation solution possible.

With a purchase of a Nuvi 2198LMT, you also get lifetime maps and traffic support from Garmin’s wide pool of data. You can be sure that your navigation systems will always know your roads better than you can, and it will always stay updated with the latest changes in traffic, allowing you to plan ahead before you get stuck in a roadblock.

Human-like Directions

For most navigation services, they rely on a measurement of the roads and maps to help guide you to your destination. That is not how people really give directions if you are talking to a human. It’s not very often that you’ll meet an experienced tracker that will tell you exactly how many miles you have to travel before you make a turn. Chances are, you would ask for a landmark to help you figure out where to go, rather than rely on a calculation of distance.

Garmin’s Real Directions software emulates that by helping you navigate your roads using clearly visible landmarks. Rather than telling you to make a right turn in 500 meters, it will suggest you turn when you reach a specific landmark, say a gas station or a restaurant. Garmin’s knowledge of real landmarks and businesses is sure to help you find your way in a wild big city.

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