If you are looking for a device that can work for you in every scenario, then you really have to consider the Polar V800. Considered primarily as a Triathlete’s best friend, the Polar V800 is one of the most capable wearable fitness devices in the market.

3 Sports in One

In many cases, a wearable computer would simply be built to record one type of activity. In most cases, it would be running. There are those dedicated to cycling, while others still are dedicated to swimming activities. As a Triathlete-minded device, the Polar V800 was designed to handle tracking and recording data from all 3 activities. You can use it to train and record data anytime, so you don’t need to keep carrying more than one type of watch in a training session

For the Pro and the Average Joe

One thing you will love about this device is it seems to hope to cater to all types of users. Some users could be pro power trainers who really love to push themselves to their limit and train to get even better results. Some of us aren’t so hard boiled. They would rather simply train to keep fit, or in most cases, work out to lose those extra pounds. For this purpose, the Polar V800 was also designed to routinely track, record, and evaluate your daily activities 24/7, so even your daily walk to the office will be included in your overall daily workout results.

Training and Recovery

Training isn’t all about straining yourself to the fullest only to end up getting sick or injured. Every activity must have a subsequent amount of adequate rest. The Polar V800 not only tracks and record your workout data, it also tries to analyze your workout pattern, exertion, and fatigue, to the point that it can even recommend just how much rest you need to fully recover from your activity’s strain on your body.

Your Heart in Water

Unlike many water capable fitness devices that promises a heart rate monitor, this device can actually be used in the water. Not only is the V800 waterproof, the heart rate monitor it can come bundled with is also designed for use in water, allowing you to take very accurate heart rate measurements even during your water based activities. Of course, this also means that working out with heavy sweating won’t be an issue for the heart rate monitor.

High Speed Tracking

Like most training devices, the Polar V800 measures your activities not only with its built-in sensors but also with the help of GPS tracking and analysis. Equipped with a GPS caching feature, the Polar V800 is sure to easily lock and stay locked on to GPS satellites after the first lock on. It routinely keeps track of satellite locations for a faster lock on, allowing you to get started that much faster.

Smartphone Friendly

As a true device designed for the century, the Polar V800 does not ignore the advances in mobile technology. Thanks to the Polar Flow app, you can use your smartphone to record and configure your device. This allows you to plan and even analyze your training sessions with a larger and easy to use app on a smartphone interface, so you won’t have to always be forced to work with the small screen of the Polar V800.

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