If you’ve done your homework and found the perfect GPS unit for yourself, the next thing you will want to do is find a way to affix the GPS unit to your vehicle’s dashboard. With a mount, you can set the coordinates for your destination and not have to worry about your GPS unit constantly shifting around the vehicle as you navigate to your coordinates. No matter if you’re driving a car, motorcycle, bike, or boat, there is a mount made specifically for your activity in order to ensure a safe, hands-free experience as you follow the directions your GPS unit is relaying to you. Safety is of utmost importance when operating any vehicle; knowing that you can keep your eyes focused on the road rather than risking glancing down at it if it is not mounted can be an incredibly valuable asset.

Ram Mounting systems offers a great variety of mounts for almost every activity imaginable. The Ram mount swing arm with vertical base in particular is one of the most popular options due to its versatility. It is easily adjustable, compact, and sturdy, three qualities that can help assure the vehicle operator will not be distracted by their inability to see their GPS unit. It has a ball pivoting point which allows a total 360 degree rotation. The compact size of this Ram Mount means that it won’t be an unsightly hunk of plastic sitting on your dash when your GPS unit is not in place, it can be easily removed and stored for later use.

With many electronic devices on the market today there are a lot of additional accessories you can purchase in order to enhance the overall experience of your new gadget. Most of these accessories are optional and not always necessary. When it comes to owning and operating a high quality GPS unit though, you will want to have a mount for it in order to keep yourself (and the unit) safe.

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