Quantify, Focus, and Push: How Garmin and Polar Redefines Fitness Training

GPS devices have long since been guiding our way through known and unknown territories. They have given us hope in times when we are lost, and even prevent us from being lost in the first place. They have given us hope and courage as the device indicates how close we are to our goal. When we finally reach that goal, we are showered with praise. Funny how the same guidelines for navigating the wide open world can also be applied to how Garmin and Polar now guides our path to fitness.

Garmin and Polar are the two biggest names in the business of keeping up with our goal of a healthy lifestyle. Polar specializes in listening to your body while offering guidance while Garmin specializes in guidance while offering to listen to your body as well. Both companies have helped people keep track of their destination, and the glorious path to their goal by doing three basic things: Quantify, Focus, and Push.


Have you ever had that feeling after sweating it out that you feel like you have done a whole lot? After a week or two of doing this, we start to wonder, am I really making strides to my goal? When it comes to working out, there is nothing more discouraging than vagueness.

When you are vague about your progress, you end up vague when it comes to your goal. With a vague goal, you have practically nothing to strive for. You don’t know if you are breaking your limits, or even just making progress. Some people see progress as a loss of weight, or an improvement of figure. Unfortunately, for most of us, that measure of success comes a long way after a lot of workout. When you think you’ve done a lot but you can’t see the physical results, then you might end up quitting before you really start.

That is why it is important to quantify every action. With Garmin and Polar’s devices, you can view various statistics about your workout. Things like laps, current and average speed, distance, calories lost, heart rate, and time of workout all help to determine how much you really did.

By quantifying your results and your activities each time, you can have a reachable short term goal that doesn’t rely on the long term results. Have you hit 1 Km already? Why not hit 1.3 Km next time? Did you managed to finish 3 laps today? Aim for another one next time and improve yourself. Make your goals measurable and attainable with Garmin and Polar health and GPS computers.


In every sport and every activity, the best approach is always to focus. Nobody reached greatness while distracted. Why else do great sportsmen usually have a team behind them as they train and prepare for a big event? Simply put, they are there to monitor them because as they do so, the athlete is able to focus on communicating with their body, moving their muscles, and pushing their limits while the team counts and records all his actions.

In the same manner, Garmin and Polar GPS enabled wearable computers act as your personal monitoring team right at your hand, or maybe at your wrist. By combining an array of body sensors, GPS tracking, and activity calculations, every Garmin and Polar device does everything else you may need to know while you simply focus on pushing your body.

With these devices, there is no longer a need to find answers yourself to questions such as “How far have I gone?” “How long have I been doing this?” “Is my heart doing ok?” “Am I almost there?” “How many laps have I done?” Just take a quick peek, and you know the answer. Now go and focus on that perfect stride!


Finally, your Garmin and Polar health GPS and computers are there to help push you to a healthier life. By keeping record of all that you do, Garmin and Polar are able to help you by serving as a personal trainer and coach for your daily activities.

From training advice to planning out your next goals, Garmin and Polar can help you stay on a proper path. By knowing exactly what your body can do right now, these devices are able to help you find out what is the most realistic and attainable next goal as well as how you are supposed to reach it. It helps you train at the right intensity for your body not to break, but enough for your body to break past a limit.

Not only do these devices help you push past yourself, it can also help you with pushing past other people with some healthy and social competition. You can share and compare with people all over the world who are striving to be the best they can be. You can even share stories and stats, get tips, and push each other to succeed as healthy rivals.

Not just a Sensor

As you can see, these are not just electronic equipment with a sensor that measures your body. These are tools to help you improve yourself beyond what you could ever hope to accomplish alone. Every boxer needs his seconds, and every man and woman in training will need these amazing fitness tools from Garmin or Polar.

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