Garmin is really ramping up their product lines. This time, the company is expanding their fitness range of products with one that completely stalks your daily routines in hopes of inspiring you to keep working out that body – the Vivofit.

Fitness bands are designed to always be with you. It serves as your daily partner in your goal of living a healthy lifestyle. It can go on working for pretty much more than a year according to Garmin, and it doesn’t have to come off unless you need to get that battery replaced. It is designed to look sleek and yet it is also very durable, with a shock absorbing coat that also serves as waterproofing, meaning that you can take this band with you even as you bathe or swim.

It Knows When You Are Sleeping

Just like that famous song about Santa Clause, this fitness band is able to keep track of you when you sleep. Putting it in sleep mode lets it track the quality of your rest as well as the length of your sleep. Day by day, you can keep track of all your sleeping patterns, allowing you to check if you are sleeping too much. After all, too much sleep can really hurt your health as much as enough sleep can help it.

It Knows When You’re Awake

One of the things that Garmin is so proud of their Vivofit is its ability to set your goals every time you wake up in the morning. The device always monitors your daily activities, whether you pass a previous goal or came up short. Vivofit takes every previous record into account and learns from your patterns and your needs so that it can calculate an adjusted goal for the next day. It then wakes you up with a new goal in mind, either to challenge you, or at least urge you to keep it up!

It Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good

Ok, so it won’t know if you have been doing some shady things during the day, but it does know if you have been doing good or bad things to your health. The Vivofit features what it calls the move bar. Studies show that prolonged periods of inactivity could really cramp out the body’s metabolism. It is important to keep on moving at least on regular and frequent intervals, especially if you work mostly from the desk or if you have a very lax lifestyle.

The Move Bar is a red bar that is right above the clock face of the Vivofit. It reminds you if you have been stationary for over an hour. It builds up and keeps reminding you by the hour to move a bit to stay healthy. Just walk around a bit and get the blood moving to reset this reminder.

Be Good For Goodness’ Sake

Vivofit is great for those who keep forgetting to stay fit and healthy, but for those who are actively striving to be the best they can be, will Vivofit make a perfect fit? Certainly so. You see, on top of the usual reminders and automatic goal setting of the device, the Vivofit is also equipped with ways to challenge yourself and put your achievements against others. When you connect using Garmin Connect, you can keep track of your daily progress as well as keep track of an online leaderboard, comparing your results with other people using their service.

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