Garmin Lista-Sognefjorden VEU051R - SD Card (Bluechart G2 Vision HD)

Model Number: 010-C0787-00
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$249.99 Reward Points Policy ($5.00 )

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  • Derived from official charts and private sources to provide navigational aids, spot soundings, depth contours, tides and currents, and detailed harbors and marinas
  • Garmin Auto Guidance technology shows a suggested route to a destination¹
  • Depth Range Shading for up to 10 depth ranges enables you to view your target depth at a glance
  • Up to 1-foot contours provide a more accurate depiction of the bottom structure for improved fishing charts and navigation
  • Shallow Water Shading feature allows for depth shading at a user-defined level to aid in navigation
  • Unique 3D views like MarinerEye and FishEye provide additional perspective both above and below the water line
  • High-resolution satellite imagery of ports, marinas, bridges and navigational landmarks for superior situational awareness
  • Worldwide coverage available
  • Keep your charts up to date with our industry-leading New Chart Guarantee and discount card update program


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Garmin Bluechart G2 Vestfjd-Svalbard-Varanger

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Auto Guidance

Auto Guidance technology quickly calculates a suggested route using your boat's dimensions and a suggested path to follow.

Depth Range Shading

Depth Range Shading

Displays high-resolution Depth Range Shading for up to 10 depth ranges so you can view your designated target depth.

Detailed Contours

Detailed Contours

BlueChart g2 Vision HD features 1-foot contours that provide a more accurate depiction of bottom structure for improved fishing charts and enhanced detail in swamps, canals and port plans.

MarinerRye View

MarinerEye View

Provides a 3-D representation of the ocean floor as seen from below the waterline.

FishEye View

FishEye View

Provides a 3-D representation of the surrounding area both above and below the waterline.

High-resolution Satellite Imagery

High-resolution Satellite Imagery

High-resolution satellite imagery with navigational charts overlaid gives you a realistic view of your surroundings so you can navigate with a clear moving-chart representation of your boat’s position. It’s our most realistic charting display in a chartplotter.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Crystal clear aerial photography shows exceptional detail of many ports, harbors and marinas and is ideal when entering unfamiliar ports.

This SD card is compatible with the following Garmin devices:

  • echoMAP 43dv
  • echoMAP 44dv
  • echoMAP 50dv
  • echoMAP 50s
  • echoMAP 53cv
  • echoMAP 53dv
  • echoMAP 54dv
  • echoMAP 70dv
  • echoMAP 70s
  • echoMAP 73dv
  • echoMAP 73sv
  • echoMAP 74dv
  • echoMAP 74sv
  • echoMAP 93sv
  • echoMAP 94sv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 42cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 42dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 43cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 43dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 44cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 44dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 45cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 45dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 52cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 52dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 53cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 53dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 54cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 54dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 55cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 55dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 72cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 72dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 72sv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 73cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 73dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 73sv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 74cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 74dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 74sv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 75cv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 75dv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 75sv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 92sv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 93sv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 94sv
  • echoMAP CHIRP 95sv
  • GPSMAP 1020xs
  • GPSMAP 1022
  • GPSMAP 1022xsv
  • GPSMAP 1040xs
  • GPSMAP 1042xsv
  • GPSMAP 1222
  • GPSMAP 1222xsv
  • GPSMAP 1242xsv
  • GPSMAP 4008
  • GPSMAP 4010
  • GPSMAP 4012
  • GPSMAP 420/420s
  • GPSMAP 4208
  • GPSMAP 421
  • GPSMAP 4210
  • GPSMAP 4212
  • GPSMAP 421s
  • GPSMAP 430/430s
  • GPSMAP 431
  • GPSMAP 431s
  • GPSMAP 440/440s
  • GPSMAP 441
  • GPSMAP 441s
  • GPSMAP 5008
  • GPSMAP 5012
  • GPSMAP 5015
  • GPSMAP 520/520s
  • GPSMAP 5208
  • GPSMAP 521
  • GPSMAP 5212
  • GPSMAP 5215
  • GPSMAP 521s
  • GPSMAP 525/525s
  • GPSMAP 526
  • GPSMAP 526s
  • GPSMAP 527xs
  • GPSMAP 530/530s
  • GPSMAP 531
  • GPSMAP 531s
  • GPSMAP 535/535s
  • GPSMAP 536
  • GPSMAP 536s
  • GPSMAP 540/540s
  • GPSMAP 541
  • GPSMAP 541s
  • GPSMAP 545/545s
  • GPSMAP 546
  • GPSMAP 546s
  • GPSMAP 547
  • GPSMAP 547xs
  • GPSMAP 6208
  • GPSMAP 6212
  • GPSMAP 640
  • GPSMAP 720
  • GPSMAP 720s
  • GPSMAP 7212
  • GPSMAP 7215
  • GPSMAP 722
  • GPSMAP 722xs
  • GPSMAP 740
  • GPSMAP 7407
  • GPSMAP 7407xsv
  • GPSMAP 7408
  • GPSMAP 7408xsv
  • GPSMAP 740s
  • GPSMAP 741
  • GPSMAP 7410
  • GPSMAP 7410xsv
  • GPSMAP 7412
  • GPSMAP 7412xsv
  • GPSMAP 7416
  • GPSMAP 7416xsv
  • GPSMAP 741xs
  • GPSMAP 742
  • GPSMAP 742xs
  • GPSMAP 7607
  • GPSMAP 7607xsv
  • GPSMAP 7608
  • GPSMAP 7608xsv
  • GPSMAP 7610
  • GPSMAP 7610xsv
  • GPSMAP 7612
  • GPSMAP 7612xsv
  • GPSMAP 7616
  • GPSMAP 7616xsv
  • GPSMAP 8208 MFD
  • GPSMAP 8212 MFD
  • GPSMAP 8215 MFD
  • GPSMAP 840xs
  • GPSMAP 8417 MFD
  • GPSMAP 8422 MFD
  • GPSMAP 8424 MFD
  • GPSMAP 8500 Black Box
  • GPSMAP 8530 Black Box
  • GPSMAP 8617 MFD
  • GPSMAP 8622 MFD
  • GPSMAP 8624 MFD
  • GPSMAP 922
  • GPSMAP 922xs
  • GPSMAP 942
  • GPSMAP 942xs
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